Wellness Week and FIT Family Night

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 3:10pm

We are excited for our 3rd annual Family Fit Night! It is Wednesday, February 21st 6-8pm.  We invite you and your family to come out and work up a sweat at DOES. Here's the link to register if you have not yet done so:  Fit Family Night Link
To promote the event, we will once again be having a Wellness Week filled with spirit days, fitness activities and healthy tips for students and staff. We hope to get everyone involved in the Wellness fun!
Tuesday 20th ~ Moving Grooving Tuesday (we encourage all homeroom teachers to take  
                       10-15 minutes to get up and moving, do some yoga or have a dance party with     
                       their class.

Wednesday 21st ~ Work it out Wednesday (Wear your workout gear and be prepared for the 
                            Family Fit Night 6-8pm)  

Thursday 22nd ~ Thirsty Thursday (Information about the importance of drinking water will 
                          be shared on the morning announcements) We're encouraging students to 
                          bring water bottles to school and are challenging students to drink water, 
                          instead of sugary drinks, for the day.

Friday 23rd ~ Fitness Friday (What's your favorite way to stay fit? Dance, Football,
                    Karate, ice skating, snowboarding, ect,... Wear the gear or attire for that activity 
                    on Friday!) We will also have a short school wide morning working out on the Friday
                    Morning TV Announcements.

Hope you can join us in this week of wellness fun!!