Counselor's Corner

Thu, 10/04/2018 - 1:58pm

October is National Bullying Prevention Month! Research shows that several components together can support a bully-free school:

1. Talking about bullying
Through classroom lessons in October, all students will discuss conflict resolution skills & steps to take to solve problems

Talk to your child at home about bullying, how to be a bully-free family & what your family will do there is a conflict
2. Building a safe school environment
Every class participates in daily Community Circles as a way to create a safe classroom environment


3. Implementing school-wide events as a part of a bully prevention program
In October, we will have several events to focus on our school-wide theme, "School of Fish"


Upcoming Events at Dayton Oaks

10/5 is World Smile Day: Students & staff will participate in a few small activities to focus on what things make us smile & little acts of kindness we can do to make others smile

10/15 Mix-it Up Lunch Day: Students will be invited to sit at a different seat in the cafeteria as a way to learn something new about a classmate

10/24 Unity Day: Students & staff will be invited to wear orange to show that together we are against bullying. The DOES community is UNITED for kindness, acceptance, & inclusion.