Flu Information Regarding Flu Season

Tue, 10/01/2019 - 2:59pm


As you may have heard on the news, flu is rampant this year in Maryland.  Children are especially at risk. Even if your child received the flu vaccination, they are still at risk for contracting the flu. Symptoms may include fever, vomiting, congestion and sore throat.  The symptoms typically last 3-5 days. Please remember, YOU MUST keep your child at home when they are sick! Students may NOT return to school until they have gone 24 hours with NO fever and NO vomiting.  Please do not send your child to school if the only way they are fever-free is with medicine. Please do not send children to school if they vomited the prior evening, or in the morning before school. Help us stop the spread!  


This is the time of year that YOU WILL be called by the health room to pick up your sick child.  Please make sure your emergency contacts are up to date. Children should be picked up within 1 hour of contact with a parent, so identifying someone who lives close to the school may be beneficial


If your child has been diagnosed with the flu, please let our health room know for tracking and reporting purposes:  Rachel_Tulis@hcpss.org or Kim_Watts@hcpss.org


You can learn more about how the flu is affecting our area at 



Thank you for your continued support in keeping our kids healthy!!