Young Authors' Contest

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 9:59am

Who: Students in Grades 2 – 5

What: Write a poem or short story

Entries must be original work.

All entries must use no smaller than 12 point font in Times New Roman or Comic Sans.

Short story entry may range from a minimum of 300 words to no more than 800 words. Poem entry will consist of a single poem, any style from a minimum of 25 words to no more than 150 words.

Entries must not include graphics.

Each entry must include a completed typed Young Authors' Contest Cover Sheet signed by the student author and sponsoring teacher.
Entries due by December 11, 2017.


DIGITAL RULES: Save the WORD document of your entry. Also save the typed cover sheet electronically. School winners will need to submit these to the county level contest.


Please contact Kim Bodin at if you have any questions.