Congratulations to our 2018 Young Author’s Contest Winners!

Fri, 01/12/2018 - 1:48pm

Dayton Oaks Elementary participated in the State of Maryland International Reading Council (SoMIRAC) 2018 Young Author's Contest. We are very proud of the 38 students in grades 2-5 who wrote for the contest. Below is the list of our winners and writers. Each winner will move on to the next level and compete with other students in the county.

Grade 2
Short Story
Winner ~ Avery Tarp Writers ~ Crew Flatau, Noah Esmail, Lillian Chen, Pahal M., Ella Chen, Ava Pollard, Katelynn Do, Avery Tarp
Winner ~ Charles “Chase” Whitaker IV Writers ~ Raina Ruby, Charles Whitaker IV, Victoria Weinig

Grade 3
Short Story
Winner ~ Abhinav Raj Rodda Writers ~ Ariella Vernon, Abhinav Raj Rodda, Suriya Kalirai, Jonathan Barrett, Camila Cornell, Aylin Hunter, Mira Kalirai
Winner ~ Aleesa Zirvi Writers – Vicki Bepple, Aleesa Zirvi

Grade 4
Short Story
Winner ~ Logan Aranda Writers ~ Siena Bayer, Myriam Esmail, Sarah Eyasu, Logan Aranda, Charlie Yarmus
Winner ~ Sarah Burns
Writers ~ Brennan Wheeler, Abigale Paterniti, Logan Aranda, sarah Burns

Grade 5 Short Story Winner ~ Jonathan MacKrell Writers ~ Karlie Harris, Myah Hesselgesser, Mira Harp, Jonathan MacKrell, Ryan McLemore, Gracie Weible, Katelyn Sautrich, Zoey Pachoca

Poetry Winner ~ Isabella Ives Writers ~ Karlie Harris, Isabella Ives, Zoey Pachoca