Used Sporting Equipment Collection Drive

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 4:39pm

Dayton Oaks Elementary School (DOES) student Maddie Mansour is partnering with Leveling the Playing Field to run a collection drive in May. LPF collects donated sports equipment and redistributes it to low-income kids throughout the DMV. All donations benefit needy schools, after school programs, and athletic leagues looking to engage their students in the physical and mental benefits of youth sports participation. LPF relies on used/excess sports donations from local communities to engage underprivileged children, so clean out your garages and basements of your old sporting equipment so that underprivileged kids are able to enjoy them!
Check out “Leveling the Playing Field” at
If you have questions, please contact Maddie or Karran Mansour at 301-332-5193 or
Thank you for your support!