Counselor's Corner

Thu, 01/24/2019 - 3:07pm

On Monday, January 28th Dayton Oaks will be kicking off the Great Kindness Challenge--a nationally recognized campaign that promotes kindness and inclusion. There will be many fun things going on during the week with the focus being on the small acts of kindness given and received. Scholastic offers a few fun ideas if you would like to continue the challenge at home:

Read books or articles about kindness to focus attention to kindness! One of my favorites that is enjoyed by students in all grades is Have you Filled a Bucket Today? A guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud.

Record acts of kindness! Have a visual, such as a heart in a basket or a marble in a jar, for every kind act you see or experience and watch the kindness grow!
Play kindness charades! Take turns acting out different kind acts. You can use the kindness your child shares or received for inspiration.

Write notes of kindness! Entourage your child to write or draw to express their appreciation for others.


I am looking forward to a fun week! Please reach out if you are interested in any additional activities for promoting kindness at home.

Great Kindness Challenge Week Spirit Days
Monday (1/28): "Kickoff Kindness Week" with Mix-Match Socks
Tuesday (1/29): "Nothing Beats Kindness" with Jerseys/Team/Sports-themed clothing
Wednesday (1/30): "We are Crazy for Kindness" with crazy hair day
Thursday (1/31): "We are Powered by Kindness" with superhero-themed clothing
Friday (2/1): "We Dream of Kindness" with PJ/Comfy clothes