Orchestra Notes

Thu, 01/10/2019 - 3:48pm

Congratulations to Keren Baker and Charlie Yarmus who were selected to perform in the Howard County Honors Orchestra next month.  The orchestra is comprised of two students from every elementary school in Howard County.  Keren will be playing her bass and Charlie will be playing his cello in this orchestra.  Keren and Charlie will be attending many rehearsals next month and will have their final performance with the Honors Orchestra on February 23, 2019 at Long Reach High School.  "Break a String" Keren and Charlie!


Congratulations to the orchestra musicians of the month for January 2019.  You can find their awards posted on the bulletin board located outside the orchestra room.  These terrific musicians are:

Anjali Thaker
Pahal Majmudar
Oliver Grasty
Clark Conn
Nicolas Garcia
Anna Gerdes
Lauren Li
Gabrielle Berry
Carolina Ogle
Lauren Boma
Maya Doan
Reja Khleif
Shorbodaman De
Peyton Yeager
Mahi Patel
Mehreen Alamgir
Tomi Makun
Mary Elizabeth Ferrick
Lukas Weinberg