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Howard County Education Association (HCEA) Tutor List

DOES Tutor List


A-OK Mentoring-Tutoring, Inc.

We are an 18-year-old nonprofit organization that provides free support for Howard County elementary and middle school students

     * What is Virtual Mentoring?

          Two friends meeting on Zoom once per week, laughing, chatting, playing games, and working on homework.

     * Who are the Mentors?

          A-OK mentors are trustworthy, on-time, and excited to support students.

     * When is Mentoring?

          Mentoring happens virtually on Wednesdays at 12pm, 4pm, or 6pm. Click here to see a 15-second clip:

Click here to register your student for a mentor from A-OK: | Have a question? Tiene una pregunta?



Towson University College of Education Tutors

We understand the impact the shift to virtual learning has had on all students, but in particular our underserved student populations. Therefore, the TU College of Education has established the COE TUtors program.

COE TUtors is a freeonline tutoring program for K-12 students in Maryland. The tutors are teacher candidates at Towson University. With support and guidance from faculty members, they will design lessons for each tutoring session based on students’ needs and will provide families with feedbackon student progress.

The program will offer:

     •tutoring in specific content areas (math, reading, writing)

     •additional support for students with exceptionalities

     •English language support

Tutoring sessions will occur weeklyand last 30-60 minutes.

All tutoring sessions will occur via Zoom. You can learn more about the policies for tutoring sessions on the COE TUtors site at

Interested families can apply for the spring semester starting on January 18. The application form will be posted on the COE TUtors site.